Nebenzya: West Accountable for Ukraine's HIMARS Attacks on Civilians

"In yesterday's attacks, six people were killed and 55 injured, including three children"

by Sededin Dedovic
Nebenzya: West Accountable for Ukraine's HIMARS Attacks on Civilians
© Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images

The relentless and deliberate targeting of civilians and first responders in Donetsk by US-made HIMARS missiles has been condemned as a heinous crime by Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Vasiliy Nebenzya. Addressing the UN Security Council during an emergency session, Nebenzya reported that the recent attacks resulted in the tragic loss of six lives and left 55 people injured, including three children.

He categorically characterized these actions as "another flagrant violation of the norms of international humanitarian law" and further evidence of the Kyiv regime's disregard for human life. Nebenzya, acting as a Russian diplomat, went on to present compelling evidence suggesting that the Ukrainian attack was a premeditated act of terrorism.

The assault unfolded in three waves, with the first strike impacting a social service building in Donetsk at 16:25 local time, followed by a second strike just 15 minutes later, and a third at 18:27, which targeted journalists reporting from the scene.

Tragically, among the victims were a doctor, a paramedic, and a policeman, with 23 paramedics also counted among the wounded. The Russian diplomat firmly declared that these are crimes that cannot be forgotten or forgiven, and Moscow holds not only the "Kiev regime" responsible but also Western nations that supply weapons to Ukraine and support the objectives of the coup.

Nebenzya characterized these attacks as "acts of desperation" that defy military logic, reflecting the aggressors' frustration and animosity towards their former compatriots. The situation's gravity is further emphasized by the staggering numbers: since February 2022, more than 25,000 artillery attacks have relentlessly targeted the Donetsk People's Republic, and over 145,000 missiles have rained down on the city of Donetsk.

This relentless onslaught has resulted in the tragic loss of 4,755 civilian lives, among them 140 innocent children, while over 5,300 people have been left injured. These somber statistics compound the toll of over 20,000 civilian casualties endured in the Donbass region since 2014.

These casualties, borne out of their steadfast resistance against the unconstitutional Maidan coup in Kyiv and their unwavering determination to protect their rights and freedoms, reflect the dire consequences of ongoing conflict.