Turkish President Urges Muslim Unity at Economic Organization Summit


Turkish President Urges Muslim Unity at Economic Organization Summit
Turkish President Urges Muslim Unity at Economic Organization Summit © Getty Images News/Antonio Masiello

Erdogan passionately addressed the Economic Cooperation Organization in Tashkent, urging a collective condemnation of Israel's attacks on Gaza. Expressing concern over the violation of humanity's values, he highlighted Israel's indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas, with a tragic majority of victims being women and children.

Erdogan called out the silence of the USA and the West, accusing them of hypocrisy in the face of human rights abuses. The Turkish president warns the world about what is happening in Palestine day after day. He is furious considering the lack of reactions from the leaders of Western countries.

Even in the moments when reactions appear, they are not strong enough and do not carry a strong message. Therefore, Erdogan wants to be the one who will send clear messages and be the mediator in stopping the chaos in the Middle East.

A few weeks ago, the Turkish leader organized huge protests in Ankara, where he emphasized that he feels a huge amount of anger about everything that is happening.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan calls for peace

Emphasizing the imperative of Muslim unity, Erdogan underscored the need for diplomatic efforts to secure a humanitarian ceasefire.

He pointed out the fanatical justification for targeting even children, portraying a disturbing reality that demands a unified response. Despite the challenges, Erdogan affirmed Turkey's commitment by dispatching ten planes carrying 230 tons of humanitarian aid to Gaza through the Egyptian El Arish airport.

He is ready to do everything to ensure that the population of the Gaza Strip receives the immediate help they need at this time. The whole population feels fear. In addition, their future is a big question mark. They still don't know what the new day can bring.

Living in a state of fear and uncertainty, and in addition without the basic necessities of life, is certainly terrible. "If we, as the Organization for Economic Cooperation, do not raise our voices together as Muslims today, when will we raise our voices? The conflicts in the occupied Palestinian territories have broken our hearts," Erdogan said in his address at the 16th summit of this economic organization in Tashkent.

In the face of adversity, Turkey stands firm in its efforts to alleviate the suffering of the people of Gaza and calls for a united front against the ongoing crisis.