Sad Days In The USA: Commander Of The Apollo 8 Mission Died At The Age Of 95

The pioneer of space exploration died Tuesday in Montana, NASA announced

by Sededin Dedovic
Sad Days In The USA: Commander Of The Apollo 8 Mission Died At The Age Of 95
© Alex Wong / Getty Images

NASA declared on Thursday the departure of Cosmonaut Frank Borman, a trailblazer in space exploration and the revered leader of the revolutionary Apollo 8 mission, celebrated as the premier human-crewed spacecraft orbiting the moon.

Borman, at 95, etched an enduring legacy in the chronicles of space history. His contributions during this pivotal mission have solidified his position as a luminary in the cosmos, influencing generations to come in the pursuit of knowledge beyond our terrestrial boundaries.

"Frank Borman was a true American hero," eulogized Bill Nelson, the head of the United States space agency, NASA. Borman, whose illustrious career contributed significantly to the space agency, passed away in Montana on Tuesday.

Borman's journey into space began in 1965 when he participated in the Gemini 7 mission, marking his inaugural spaceflight, a remarkable 14-day endeavor showcasing his early prowess in extraterrestrial exploration. His wealth of experience and expertise propelled NASA to select him as a member of its second astronaut group.

The pinnacle of Borman's career unfolded during the Apollo 8 mission in December 1968, where he shared the spacecraft with astronauts James Lovell and William Anders. This historic mission not only circled the moon but also produced the iconic "Earthrise" photograph, capturing the fragile beauty of our planet from the lunar orbit.

"His service to NASA and to our nation will unequivocally inspire the Artemis generation to reach new cosmic shores," emphasized Bill Nelson, underscoring Borman's enduring impact on space exploration. Under the Artemis program, NASA aspires to transcend the achievements of the Apollo era.

The imminent Artemis 2 mission, set to launch in late 2024, symbolizes a crucial step in this ambitious journey. With a crew orbiting the moon, NASA endeavors to establish a sustained human presence on the lunar terrain. This lunar outpost is envisaged not only as a testament to human exploration but also as a strategic launchpad for subsequent manned missions to Mars.

Frank Borman's enduring legacy serves as a guiding light for the Artemis generation, inspiring them to push the boundaries and explore new frontiers across the cosmic expanse.