Michael Clarke's Analysis: Hamas Holding Back in Conflict, Potential Strategic Trap

Clarke also expressed doubt that Israeli forces had actually broken into the city center

by Sededin Dedovic
Michael Clarke's Analysis: Hamas Holding Back in Conflict, Potential Strategic Trap
© Abid Katib / Getty Images

Sky News' military analyst Michael Clarke raises concerns about the intensity of Hamas's resistance against Israeli forces in Gaza. He speculates that Hamas might be strategically placing traps within Gaza City or utilizing tunnels to shift forces southward in anticipation of an imminent attack.

Clark questions the veracity of Israeli claims of breaking into the heart of Gaza City, expressing uncertainty about the extent of their progress. He suggests that Israeli forces might be exercising caution, opting to secure specific areas around the city rather than launching a full-scale assault.

"I am not entirely convinced that Israeli forces have penetrated the core of Gaza City, as asserted by the IDF leadership and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. However, they seem to be advancing cautiously," remarks Clarke.

He contends that the current Israeli offensive might not be encountering the level of resistance anticipated from Hamas. While acknowledging the potential for a more robust response from Hamas, Clarke posits: "It's not yet clear whether Hamas is fully unleashing its capabilities.

I have a sense that only a fraction of their forces is engaged, with the majority possibly positioned southward, awaiting developments." According to Clarke, Hamas could present a more formidable challenge than it has thus far.

"For some reason, it seems they are holding back, perhaps attempting to lure Israeli forces deeper into Gaza City before revealing the extent of their capabilities," he suggests. In conclusion, Clarke speculates on the possibility of traps set by Hamas within Gaza City or the use of tunnels as an evasion strategy.

The situation, he notes, remains fluid, with the true extent of Hamas's resistance and Israeli progress yet to unfold. Since we have not yet seen footage of the IDFA in the center of Gaza, we can say that Clarke is justified in his suspicions. Whatever it is, let's hope that there will be no more civilian victims, especially innocent children.