German Defense Minister - We Are the Pillar of Europe's Defense

Berlin has pledged huge sums to strengthen the military to combat the growing threats

by Sededin Dedovic
German Defense Minister - We Are the Pillar of Europe's Defense
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German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius underscored the necessity for the German army to transform into a formidable "pillar of defense" within Europe, as articulated during the presentation of new guidelines for the modernization of the Bundeswehr following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Germany, grappling with historical guilt from World War II, had long relegated its armed forces, subjecting them to chronic underinvestment. The invasion by Moscow in February of the previous year prompted a significant policy shift in Berlin.

In response to the growing threat, Germany committed substantial financial resources to fortify its military capabilities. Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, unveiling the first set of policy guidelines for the Bundeswehr since 2011, declared that "with Russian President Vladimir Putin's brutal attack on Ukraine, war has returned to Europe," signifying a critical shift in the threat landscape.

Pistorius emphasized Germany's new role as the "backbone of deterrence and collective defense in Europe," acknowledging the altered threat situation. The updated policy guidelines prioritize the Bundeswehr's "core mission" of national defense and the defense of the NATO alliance, with all other missions and tasks now subordinated to this overarching objective.

In a joint preface to the directive, Pistorius and General Carsten Breuer, the head of the armed forces, stressed the need for the Bundeswehr to refocus on its primary mission, aligning its objectives with the broader goals of the NATO military alliance.

In response to heightened security concerns following the Russian invasion, Chancellor Olaf Scholz demonstrated commitment by allocating a special fund of 100 billion euros to fortify the German army. This substantial financial injection underscores Germany's resolve to establish a robust and capable defense force, reinforcing its role as a stalwart defender within the European security landscape.

Throughout history, the Germans were a very warlike and successful nation in battle. After the last war, it was impossible for them to have the kind of army they wanted, but if the Germans create an army without external influences, it will be an intimidating force.

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