FBI Seizes NYC Mayor Adams' Phones and Tablets in Campaign Fundraising Probe

The attorney said they discovered that an individual from the Adams campaign had recently acted improperly and that it had been reported to the FBI

by Sededin Dedovic
FBI Seizes NYC Mayor Adams' Phones and Tablets in Campaign Fundraising Probe
© Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images

Agents from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have taken possession of phones and a tablet belonging to Eric Adams, the Mayor of New York City, in connection with an investigation into fundraising activities during his 2021 political campaign, according to Boyd Johnson, Adams' lawyer.

The seizure occurred as Adams was leaving a public event in Manhattan on Monday night, as disclosed by Johnson on Friday. He clarified that the move followed the discovery of improper actions by an individual associated with Adams' campaign, which had been promptly reported to the FBI.

The campaign spokesperson refrained from revealing the identity of the person involved. Importantly, Mayor Adams has not been accused of any wrongdoing, and he remains fully cooperative in the ongoing investigation, emphasized Johnson.

This development, initially reported by The New York Times, follows the recent federal search of the Brooklyn residence of Adams' fundraising chief, Briana Suggs, prompting the mayor to cancel a planned trip to Washington to meet with White House officials.

Addressing the situation, Adams asserted on Friday that he has "nothing to hide" and emphasized his expectation for all members of his staff, given his background as a former law enforcement officer, to be law-abiding and cooperative during investigations.

During a press interaction on Wednesday, Adams did not mention the phone seizures and maintained that he was unaware of any wrongdoing by members of his campaign team. Expressing disbelief, he stated that he would be "shocked" if anyone from his campaign had acted inappropriately.

During the summer, Manhattan prosecutors filed charges against six individuals, alleging manipulation of a fundraising program to direct significant funds into Mayor Adams' 2021 campaign. As the investigation progresses, Adams maintains his innocence and unwavering commitment to collaborating fully with law enforcement, emphasizing transparency in addressing any concerns arising from the campaign's financial activities.