Creepy Threat to Lebanon: Gallant - What We Do in Gaza We Can Do in Beirut


Creepy Threat to Lebanon: Gallant - What We Do in Gaza We Can Do in Beirut
Creepy Threat to Lebanon: Gallant - What We Do in Gaza We Can Do in Beirut © Maja Hitij / Getty Images

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant issued a stern warning to Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite group, urging them to avoid escalating clashes along the border. Galant, in a video broadcast to Israeli soldiers, cautioned that Israel could take actions similar to those in Gaza, emphasizing that Hezbollah's actions risk dragging Lebanon into a war.

"Hezbollah is making mistakes, and the citizens of Lebanon will be the ones to pay the price," Galant emphasized, adding that Israel is capable of executing operations in Beirut comparable to those in Gaza. "What we do in Gaza we can do in Beirut," Galant pointed out.

In response to a rocket attack on northern Israel, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced airstrikes and artillery shelling on numerous locations of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. The IDF, through a statement on Platform X, disclosed that the strikes targeted infrastructure belonging to Hezbollah.

The Times of Israel reported the IDF's assertion that these strikes were a direct response to the rocket attack. The IDF emphasized its commitment to defending Israeli territory and citizens. Earlier reports from Lebanese media indicated that an Israeli drone targeted a truck near the coastal village of Al-Zahrani, approximately 40 kilometers from the Israeli border south of Sidon.

No injuries were reported in that attack. The IDF stated that the strike was aimed at a site from which surface-to-air missiles had been fired at Israeli drones over the Israel-Lebanon border. Israel's military radio highlighted the significance of this attack, noting that it represented the deepest incursion into Lebanese territory since clashes began along the Israeli-Lebanese border following an attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas on October 7.

The situation remains tense, with both sides engaged in actions and counteractions that have the potential to further escalate tensions in the region. The IDF's actions underscore Israel's commitment to safeguarding its borders and responding decisively to threats emanating from Hezbollah in Lebanon.