US Billionaire Plans to Spend Millions to Designate Hamas as Terrorists

Billionaire Barry Sternlicht allocates $50 million for a media campaign labeling Hamas as a terrorist group

by Sededin Dedovic
US Billionaire Plans to Spend Millions to Designate Hamas as Terrorists
© Craig Barritt / Getty Images

American billionaire Barry Sternlicht has unveiled a bold initiative to allocate $50 million toward a comprehensive media campaign with the primary objective of officially designating Hamas as a terrorist organization. This strategic move comes in the wake of the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel, and Sternlicht has wasted no time in rallying support for his cause.

Initially reaching out to a select group of the wealthiest individuals in the business realm, Sternlicht, as reported by the Fox Business portal, requested a significant financial contribution of one million dollars each.

The campaign, as outlined in Sternlicht's email, aims to definitively brand Hamas as a terrorist organization. In his communication, Sternlicht expressed a broader goal of differentiating between anti-Semitism and the complex situation in Palestine.

Highlighting the potential impact of the campaign, Sternlicht emphasized the need to reshape public opinion by presenting a critical perspective on Hamas, citing their recorded tapes—whether authentic or fictional—as a means to undermine the current sympathy for Israel.

Sternlicht asserted the necessity of seizing control of the narrative, positioning the campaign as a crucial step in achieving this objective. Furthermore, Sternlicht's strategic vision transcends marking Hamas solely as an adversary to Israel.

He aims to portray the organization as a potential threat to the United States of America. Actively seeking support, Sternlicht emailed 50 influential addresses, with early reports suggesting he has already secured several million dollars for the campaign.

This underscores the campaign's broader implications, potentially reshaping perceptions not only regarding Israel but also within the context of U.S. national security concerns. As this ambitious media effort unfolds, it sets the stage for a potentially transformative shift in the discourse surrounding Hamas, not only within the context of Israel but also in the broader geopolitical landscape.

Sternlicht's initiative underscores the power and influence that individuals at the pinnacle of wealth can wield in shaping public perceptions and driving significant narratives. The success of this campaign may well hinge on its ability to navigate the complexities of the Israel-Palestine conflict while firmly establishing its stance against Hamas as a terrorist organization.