New Russian Missile "Rostekh" - Destroys Outdoor Targets,As Well As In Fortifications

Russia has successfully pioneered a state-of-the-art unguided aircraft missile, boasting an 80-millimeter caliber and featuring a cutting-edge high-efficiency engine

by Sededin Dedovic
New Russian Missile "Rostekh" - Destroys Outdoor Targets,As Well As In Fortifications
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Russia has unveiled a groundbreaking advancement in military technology with the introduction of an innovative 80-millimeter caliber unguided aircraft missile, featuring a high-efficiency engine. Crafted under the expertise of A.N.

Ganichev's team at the Scientific and Production Company "Splav," this cutting-edge missile took the spotlight at a prestigious competition hosted by "Rostekh," the Russian state corporation dedicated to the advancement, manufacturing, and export of high-tech industrial products in both civilian and military domains As revealed to TASS by the corporation, A.N.

Ganichev's team overcame intricate scientific, technical, and practical challenges, resulting in a versatile missile capable of annihilating targets across diverse environments—whether in exposed areas, fortified structures, or wooded terrains.

This accomplishment underscores Russia's prowess in addressing multifaceted challenges and reinforces the missile's adaptability for a wide range of military scenarios. What sets this missile apart is its pioneering contribution to the creation of versatile aviation ammunition.

It amalgamates the characteristics of munitions designed for obliterating robust fortifications made of stone or concrete with the capabilities of destructive incendiary missiles. The revolutionary small-caliber, high-efficiency rocket engine empowers the missile to cater to both unguided and guided rocket firing scenarios.

"Rostekh" emphatically asserts the unparalleled superiority of this new missile, surpassing both domestic and international counterparts in specifications. Acknowledging the creators' exceptional contributions to specialized goods' development and production, they have received the prestigious Hero of the Russian Federation Nikolay Makarovets award, further cementing their place in history for advancing military technology.

This achievement not only solidifies Russia's position as a leader in military innovation but also highlights the nation's commitment to addressing multifaceted challenges through technological prowess. The newfound capability to engage targets in various settings marks a significant stride forward in the evolution of military armaments, positioning Russia at the forefront of advancements in missile technology.

The recognition bestowed upon the creators underscores the strategic importance and excellence embodied in this new generation unguided aircraft missile, setting a benchmark for future developments in the field.