The Heartbreaking Plea of Hostage Families in Gaza: They Demand Action


The Heartbreaking Plea of Hostage Families in Gaza: They Demand Action
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In a heart-wrenching appeal for the return of their loved ones, the families of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza have called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli government to intensify their efforts.

At a recent press conference, the Hostages and Missing Persons Families Forum expressed their anguish: "We await the Israeli government to fulfill the basic contract that was broken. We already paid the price on October 7, now it's your turn”.

This emotional plea followed a rally held in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Saturday, where families of the over 200 hostages taken during the October 7 Hamas attack gathered to demand action. The rally, which also saw the presence of former Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, underscored the desperation and urgency of the situation.

International Indifference?

The families' demands extend beyond the Israeli government. They are calling for the international community, including the Red Cross, to ensure the hostages receive medical assistance. "Our family members are imprisoned underground in Gaza.

Bring them home now,” their statement implores, highlighting a perceived lack of action from international human rights organizations. Maayan Zin, whose two children and husband are among the hostages, expressed her dismay at the silence from these organizations: "Where is the Red Cross, the organization that is supposed to care for human rights? Why haven't they demanded to see the condition of the infants,” she asked.

A Unified Call for Return

The emotional toll on the families is palpable. Noam Perry, whose elderly father is among the hostages, emphasizes the urgency: “The living hostages can still be returned and we must not stop until they come home”.

Former President Rivlin echoed these sentiments, urging world leaders to act and questioning the Red Cross's stance on the issue. Orly Gilboa, mother of 19-year-old Daniela Gilboa, summed up the families' resolve: "I've finished the stage of hugs and empathy.

I want to see actions that will bring my daughter and the rest of the hostages home now”. The situation in Gaza remains tense, with the fate of the hostages hanging in the balance. As families and officials call for action, the world watches, waiting to see how this humanitarian crisis will unfold.

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