The most evil family in the United States

The Sackler family has been accused of ignorance, greed, and systematic manipulation for their own personal profit

by Lorenzo Ciotti
The most evil family in the United States
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In recent years, the Sackler family has become synonymous with greed, opioid crises and infamous manipulation. While many families in America are known for their positive contributions to society, the Sackler dynasty has been labeled by many as the most evil family in America.

This article will explore the reasons behind this controversial reputation, focusing on how the Sackler family was involved in creating and promoting the drug epidemic in the United States. The Sackler family began building their fortune in the pharmaceutical industry during the 20th century.

In 1952, brothers Arthur, Mortimer and Raymond Sackler started their medicine business, producing psychotropic drugs. The company they created, Purdue Pharma, would become the centerpiece of their enterprises and the starting point of their rise to power.

The Sackler family became extremely wealthy due to the success of OxyContin, a powerful opium-based painkiller. Introduced to the market in 1996, the Purdue Pharma company promoted OxyContin as a miracle solution for chronic pain, ensuring that the drug had a low risk of addiction.

This portrayal was widely disputed, and in subsequent years it became clear that Purdue Pharma had knowingly withheld information about OxyContin addiction and its potential for abuse.

The most evil family in the United States

To promote OxyContin, Purdue Pharma undertook an aggressive and extremely manipulative marketing campaign involving doctors, pharmacists and patients.

The company sponsored conferences, published false-positive studies, and provided financial incentives to insurance companies to encourage prescribing of OxyContin. All this has contributed to the exploitation of the weakness of the American healthcare system, leading to excessive inappropriate use of the drug.

The opioid crisis has become one of the United States' largest health emergencies, causing heartbreaking numbers of deaths and drug addiction. OxyContin has become a gateway for many people to use opioids, and responsibility for this crisis falls, at least in part, on the Sackler family and Purdue Pharma.

The Sackler family has been accused of ignorance, greed, and systematic manipulation for their own personal profit, despite the devastating consequences of misusing OxyContin. Their ethically questionable conduct has led to a national opioid crisis that has destroyed the lives of many people and created enormous pressure on the healthcare system.

Over the years, the Sackler family has been the subject of numerous lawsuits and public criticism, thus acquiring a reputation as America's most evil family. Their story remains a warning about the importance of ethics in business and the need for stricter regulation to prevent abuses and tragedies like the one that occurred with the opioid crisis.

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