Elon Musk's Desperation Move: Slashing Prices Amidst Tesla's Struggles!


Elon Musk's Desperation Move: Slashing Prices Amidst Tesla's Struggles!
Elon Musk's Desperation Move: Slashing Prices Amidst Tesla's Struggles! © Getty Images News/Wpa Pool

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has initiated a bold strategy in the electric vehicle (EV) market, marked by significant price cuts across Tesla's range of models. This move, aimed at maintaining Tesla's dominance in the increasingly competitive EV space, has seen the average price of Tesla models drop by about 25%.

The Model 3, for instance, has seen a reduction from $48,000 to $44,380, while the luxury Model S has dropped from $130,000 to $96,380. This strategy is unconventional in the automotive industry, especially for a brand not in decline.

Mark Schirmer, Director of Communications at Cox Automotive, pointed out the rarity of such aggressive price reductions, noting, "I can't think of another point in the history of automotive when a brand that wasn't going out of business cut prices 20% a year." Tesla's goal appears to be to stimulate sales growth and potentially intimidate competitors out of the market.

Challenging Outcomes and Market Shifts

However, Tesla's strategy has not yielded the expected results. Despite the lower prices, Tesla's vehicle deliveries in the third quarter actually decreased. This decline in sales volume has been accompanied by a drop in revenue and a significant squeeze in profit margins, which fell to 17.9% in the third quarter from 25.1% a year earlier.

Moreover, Tesla's market share in the US EV space has diminished from 62% at the beginning of the year to 50%. Competitors have not been driven out, suggesting that the EV market landscape is more resilient and diverse than anticipated.

Another concerning factor for Tesla is the slower-than-expected growth in public demand for EVs. This means Tesla is engaged in a fierce competition for a market that is expanding more gradually than many automakers had hoped.

As John Zhang, a marketing professor at the Wharton School, stated, “If you do the price war, you have to make sure you have enough volume to increase and maintain profitability."

Tesla's Uncertain Future and Musk's Mantra

The recent third-quarter financial results revealed troubling signs for Tesla, missing Wall Street's expectations on several fronts, including revenue and vehicle deliveries.

Free cash flow also saw a drastic reduction, dropping to $848 million from $3.4 billion the previous year. The shrinking gross margins have alarmed investors who had become accustomed to Tesla's profitability. Musk's response to this situation has been to reiterate the necessity of lowering prices further, a stance he emphasized repeatedly during a recent call with Wall Street analysts.

Yet, Musk provided no clear roadmap for how Tesla plans to improve margins or when new vehicle models or updates might be introduced. His focus on cost reduction reflects a strategy driven more by conviction than by concrete data.

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