Former Israeli Informant: Two More Months and the USA Will Have to Bow to Putin

Former Israeli intelligence officer Yakov Kedmi asserts that the United States is facing a critical two-month window to engage in diplomatic efforts for peace with Russia

by Sededin Dedovic
Former Israeli Informant: Two More Months and the USA Will Have to Bow to Putin
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Former Israeli intelligence officer Yakov Kedmi has underscored a pivotal two-month window for the United States to navigate the complexities of international relations and make peace with Russia. Kedmi's insights, shared on the "Waldman Line" YouTube channel, shed light on the intricate geopolitical landscape and its potential impact on the Biden administration.

According to Kedmi, the Ukrainian crisis has thrust American President Joe Biden into an exceptionally challenging position. With the specter of the presidential elections looming just two months away, the Biden administration finds itself entangled in the fallout of the Ukraine crisis, a situation initiated during his tenure.

The Ukrainian crisis is poised to become a focal point for political discourse, rendering the Democrats vulnerable to criticism. Kedmi postulates that the Republicans, adept at leveraging political opportunities, are likely to capitalize on the Democrats' perceived inability to resolve a crisis that originated with their decision to withhold security guarantees from Russia at the close of 2021.

The impending election cycle will serve as a platform for Republicans to assert that the current administration is incapable of addressing a problem it essentially created. In light of these considerations, Kedmi contends that the Democrats will inevitably be compelled to seek a resolution with Russia, irrespective of their initial inclinations.

The urgency is heightened by the impending electoral season, where the Democrats risk being accused of mismanaging a situation they played a role in shaping. The need for a truce with Russia becomes imperative, not merely as a strategic move but as a pragmatic response to the political realities that await the Democrats on the domestic front.

As the clock ticks down to the commencement of the pre-election campaign, Kedmi's perspective underscores the time-sensitive nature of diplomatic negotiations, emphasizing the pivotal role that international relations can play in shaping the narrative of domestic politics.

The evolving dynamics between the U.S. and Russia will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of the Biden administration's diplomatic efforts and, consequently, its standing on the global stage. This news could shake the election campaign of the current US president, because many US citizens know Yakov and value his opinion.

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