Strategic Alliance: Russia and India Unite for Major Armaments Production Project

Fueling a new era of defense collaboration, Russia's arms exporter Rosoboronexport is in talks with Indian companies to jointly produce cutting-edge weaponry for the Indian Air Force

by Sededin Dedovic
Strategic Alliance: Russia and India Unite for Major Armaments Production Project
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Russian state arms exporter Rosoboronexport is actively engaged in negotiations with both public and private Indian enterprises, aiming to establish a collaborative effort for the joint production of aviation weapons. The primary objective is to seamlessly integrate these weapons into the existing fleet of the Indian Air Force, a move that reflects a growing partnership between the two nations in the defense sector.

Alexander Mikeyeva, the CEO of Rosoboronexport, emphasized the collaboration with Indian entities to facilitate the joint production of aviation weaponry. The integration of these weapons into India's aviation fleet is expected to enhance the country's defense capabilities significantly.

The CEO highlighted the ongoing efforts to organize this joint venture, showcasing the commitment to strengthening the defense ties between Russia and India. A recent development in this collaboration involves the signing of a contract between Rosoboronexport and a private Indian company for the production and supply of the Igla-S portable anti-aircraft system.

Notably, the production of this system will take place within India, indicating a strategic decision to localize manufacturing and potentially boost the Indian defense industry. While specific details about the participating Indian companies and the timeline for production commencement were not disclosed, this joint venture signifies a broader trend in the deepening cooperation between Russia and India in the defense sector.

Russia holds a prominent position as India's largest arms supplier, accounting for 45 percent of the country's defense imports in 2022, as reported by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The collaboration extends beyond aviation weaponry, with Rosoboronexport and Indian partners previously involved in the procurement of Su-30MKI fighter jets, tanks, armored vehicles, and grenades for the Indian Ministry of Defense.

Additionally, the collaboration between India and Russia has expanded to include the joint production of Kalashnikov AK-203 automatic rifles. Commencing at the beginning of the year, this initiative further underscores the commitment of both nations to fostering a robust and self-reliant defense ecosystem.

As the negotiations progress, the joint production of aviation weapons is poised to contribute significantly to India's defense capabilities while solidifying the enduring partnership between the two countries. Russia has more and more influence on the largest countries of the world through BRICS.

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