Lavrov Declares Palestinian State 'Historically Inevitable' Amidst Gaza Crisis!


Lavrov Declares Palestinian State 'Historically Inevitable' Amidst Gaza Crisis!
Lavrov Declares Palestinian State 'Historically Inevitable' Amidst Gaza Crisis! © Getty Images News/David Dee Delgado

In a recent interview with RT, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made a significant statement regarding the long-standing Palestinian-Israeli conflict, emphasizing the historical inevitability of a Palestinian state and calling for immediate actions to address the escalating hostilities and humanitarian crisis in the region.

The Inevitability of a Palestinian State

Lavrov's remarks highlight Russia's position on the Palestinian question, asserting the inevitability of the establishment of a Palestinian state. He noted that most current discussions about the future of the Gaza Strip have inadequately addressed the prospect of a Palestinian state existing alongside Israel.

This perspective aligns with the long-held international consensus supporting a two-state solution as a pathway to enduring peace in the region.

Urgency in Resolving Humanitarian Issues

The Russian Foreign Minister also stressed the importance of promptly halting hostilities and tackling the humanitarian challenges plaguing the area.

"The immediate and most urgent task is the cessation of hostilities and the taking measures to resolve humanitarian problems, which are observed everywhere," Lavrov stated. This call for action reflects growing international concerns about the humanitarian impact of the conflict, particularly in the Gaza Strip and surrounding areas.

Renewed Tensions and Regional Implications

Tensions in the Middle East flared anew on October 7, when Hamas militants attacked Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip. Hamas described its operation as a response to Israeli actions against the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

In retaliation, Israel declared a total blockade of Gaza and launched air strikes not only in the Palestinian enclave but also in parts of Lebanon and Syria. Additionally, clashes are ongoing in the West Bank. Lavrov's comments come at a critical juncture in the conflict and reflect Russia's stance on a complex issue that has long been at the center of regional and international politics.

The emphasis on the creation of a Palestinian state and the immediate need to address the humanitarian crisis underscores the urgency with which global actors view the situation. As tensions continue, the international community remains focused on finding solutions that can lead to sustainable peace and stability in the region.

UNRWA and WHO Withdrawal

In a concerning development, both the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have reportedly withdrawn their services from the Gaza Strip.

According to al-Boursh, these UN agencies have ceased their operations, allegedly succumbing to pressure from Israel. This withdrawal raises serious concerns about the welfare and medical treatment of the injured and displaced populations in Gaza, who are now left without the support of these crucial international organizations.