Biden's Shocking Claim: Hamas Using Gaza Hospital as Military Base?


Biden's Shocking Claim: Hamas Using Gaza Hospital as Military Base?
Biden's Shocking Claim: Hamas Using Gaza Hospital as Military Base? © Getty Images News/Kent Nishimura

In a world where the lines between warfare and humanitarian crises often blur, the situation surrounding Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital presents a stark example. US President Joe Biden, following his meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, made a striking accusation against Hamas, labeling their alleged actions as a “war crime”.

This development highlights the complexity and severity of the ongoing conflict in the region.

Biden's Accusations and the Al-Shifa Dilemma

During a press conference, President Biden addressed the dire situation at Al-Shifa, Gaza's largest hospital.

“You have a circumstance where the first war crime is being committed by Hamas by having their headquarters, their military hidden under a hospital. And that's a fact. That's what's happened,” he stated. This accusation comes amidst Israeli forces launching a raid on the hospital, claiming Hamas operates from tunnels beneath it.

However, these claims have been contested by Hamas and hospital officials. The heart of the controversy lies in the alleged use of a medical facility for military purposes by Hamas. This situation places civilians and medical staff in grave danger, complicating the efforts of international humanitarian law to safeguard non-combatants in conflict zones.

The Raid and International Response

Israel's raid on Al-Shifa has sparked widespread international criticism, given the deteriorating conditions at the hospital. Already running out of fuel and considered non-operational, the hospital faces a catastrophic situation for patients, staff, and displaced people within its walls.

Israeli forces claim to have found "military equipment used by Hamas," but concrete evidence supporting the extensive tunnel network remains to be presented. The raid and its aftermath have put a spotlight on the delicate balance of targeting militant groups while ensuring civilian safety.

President Biden noted the US's call for Israel to be “incredibly careful” in targeting Hamas. He referenced the savagery of Hamas' attacks in Israel, adding, “And so, the idea that they're going to just stop and not do anything is not realistic." Despite the complexities and the lack of clarity surrounding the evidence, Biden expressed confidence in intelligence reports indicating Hamas' operations under Al-Shifa. This assertion, if proven true, would represent a significant breach of international humanitarian norms.