Donald Trump burns controversies for the Presidential run


Donald Trump burns controversies for the Presidential run
Donald Trump burns controversies for the Presidential run © Drew Angerer / Staff Getty Images News

Yesterday I started a retrospective on the Presidential elections in the United States in 2024. In the article I wrote yesterday I started by talking about the candidate in the Democratic primaries Kamala Harris. Today we are talking about one of your opponents, polar opposites in terms of electoral program.

Donald Trump is running for the Republican nomination at the 2024 US Presidential elections. And he has in mind a series of goals that could change the face of the United States of America, such as deporting millions of illegal immigrants, banning Chinese imports and banning travelers Muslims, eliminating international treaties and ban healthcare for transgenders.

The former United States President has left an indelible mark on the American and international political landscape. His controversial presidency has divided public opinion, but has also attracted considerable support from the Republican Party's conservative base.

Many wonder whether Trump has a chance to win the Republican Party primaries and become the presidential candidate in 2024. One of the main reasons why Trump may still be able to win the Republican Party primaries is his enormous support among more conservative Republicans.

Trump established himself as an outsider politician who promised to fight for America's interests and adopted policies that appealed to and motivated the conservative base. His populist approach has won many supporters who may still be on his side in 2024.

He has demonstrated that he has a great talent for attracting media attention and knows how to use this advantage in his favor. His notoriety could give him a huge boost during the election campaign, attracting the interest and support of many voters.

During his four-year presidency, he promoted policies that attracted many people. His hawkish approach to national security, his anti-immigration rhetoric and his model of economic growth based on deregulation have found supporters in the Republican Party and could be a lever to gain further support.

The Republican Party is currently divided internally between more moderate and more conservative wings. Trump has proven to be a catalyst for this division and may seek to use this situation to his advantage. The fact that the party's leading figures have not yet managed to create a convincing alternative to Trump could leave room for his possible candidacy.

His chance of winning the Republican Party primary to become the presidential candidate in 2024 will depend on numerous factors, including his ability to maintain and consolidate support for him within the party. It will be interesting to follow political developments to see whether Trump will be able to regain the attention of the American electorate and fulfill his dream of competing for the presidency of the United States in 2024.

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