Russia Opens Arms to Allies Sharing Peace and Respect: Putin's New Strategy


Russia Opens Arms to Allies Sharing Peace and Respect: Putin's New Strategy
Russia Opens Arms to Allies Sharing Peace and Respect: Putin's New Strategy © Getty Images/Pool

At the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin outlined a vision of cooperation and multipolarity, highlighting Russia's readiness to collaborate with nations and entities that share its values.

This statement comes as a significant indicator of Russia's foreign policy directions and its approach to international relations.

Promoting Peace, Friendship, and Mutual Respect

In his address at the Forum of United Cultures, President Putin underscored Russia's commitment to working closely with those who value peace, friendship, and mutual respect.

He emphasized the country's intent to be an active participant in the creation of a modern multipolar world, one that respects civilizational and cultural diversity. "Russia is set to work most closely together with all those who share our values of peace, friendship, and mutual respect.

With those who are ready to take part in the formation of a modern multi-polar world based on civilizational and cultural diversity," Putin stated. He stressed that preserving the identity of peoples and ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all states are crucial for the successful development of humanity.

The Role of the Forum of United Cultures

The Forum of United Cultures, according to Putin, plays a vital role in achieving these objectives. The event is not only a platform for cultural exchange but also a venue for important decisions in the humanitarian sphere.

Putin expressed Russia's readiness to support such work and acknowledged the participation of speakers and foreign delegations in the forum. This year's event, held from November 16 to 18, marks the forum's return after a three-year hiatus.

Organized by the Russian government, the Ministry of Culture, and the authorities of St. Petersburg, the forum is recognized as a significant global cultural event. It attracts thousands of cultural experts, including celebrities from theater, opera, and ballet, stage directors, musicians, public figures, officials, and representatives from the business and academic communities.

Putin's remarks at the forum highlight Russia's strategic approach toward building relationships based on shared values and mutual respect, reflecting a broader vision of a multipolar world order.

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