Putin's Message: Russia Won't Close Its Doors to Europe!


Putin's Message: Russia Won't Close Its Doors to Europe!
Putin's Message: Russia Won't Close Its Doors to Europe! © Getty Images Sport/Pascal Le Segretain

At the United Cultures Forum in St. Petersburg, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a clear statement about Russia's stance on its cultural and economic ties with Europe, despite the current geopolitical tensions.

Maintaining Open Doors to Europe

In his address, Putin emphasized that Russia has no intention of closing its "window to Europe," even though there might be moments when it seems necessary to "close things a little" due to occasional "drafts." This metaphorical language reflects Russia's approach to navigating the complexities of its relationship with European nations amidst current global challenges.

Putin highlighted Russia's recent economic performance, noting a reported 5.5% growth last month and an expected annual growth rate of over 3%. He pointed out that these figures were once spoken of cautiously but are now declared with confidence.

While making these comparisons, Putin was careful not to appear boastful or to draw direct comparisons with European economies. "We do not want to sever relations with anyone, but we also do not do it. We do not shut anything - neither doors nor windows nor vents," Putin said, underscoring Russia's desire to maintain open lines of communication and cooperation with Europe.

Cultural Ties and European Elites

The Russian president also addressed the cultural dimension of Russia's relations with Europe. He expressed bewilderment at the West's actions, such as banning the works of iconic Russian composers like Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, and Glinka.

Putin was clear in his stance that Russia does not engage in similar practices and expressed confidence that "time will set everything straight." He acknowledged that while relations with European elites might be strained, there is no conflict with European society at large.

This distinction highlights the Russian perspective on the current political and cultural divides. The 9th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, where these statements were made, is a significant event that brings together cultural leaders and representatives from around the world.

Organized by the Russian Government, the Ministry of Culture, and city authorities of St. Petersburg, along with the State Hermitage Museum, the forum serves as a platform for dialogue and cultural exchange. Putin's remarks at the forum underline Russia's commitment to maintaining and fostering its cultural and economic ties with Europe, despite the challenges posed by the current international climate.

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