There are only 6 doctors left in Al Shifa Hospital and there are over 120 patients

Israel and Hamas argue over whether Israel asked hospital to be "cleansed"

by Sededin Dedovic
There are only 6 doctors left in Al Shifa Hospital and there are over 120 patients
© Chris McGrath / Getty Images

Health officials in Gaza said many patients, medical staff and displaced people left Gaza's largest hospital, Al Shif, today, which was entered by Israeli forces earlier this week. Palestinian officials and the Israeli military have released conflicting versions of what caused the mass exodus from Al Shifa, AP reports.

While health workers in Gaza claim that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) ordered an evacuation within an hour, the IDF denies this, stating that they were only providing safe passage for those wishing to evacuate. We cannot clearly know what happened, but this is certainly not humane, to say the least.

Israel claims that a Hamas command center is located beneath Al-Shifa, Gaza's largest hospital, but the Palestinian militant group denies the claims. Six doctors will remain to take care of 120 patients who cannot be evacuated from Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, said the head of the plastic surgery department, Ahmed El Mokalalati.

An even bigger problem is that most patients have major injuries, so they need adequate treatment. Most of the medical staff left Al-Shifa Hospital, as the Israeli occupation army ordered everyone to evacuate the hospital.

Many patients cannot leave the hospital. We call on the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to take measures to protect the medical staff and patients at Al Shifa Hospital," the doctor wrote.

Israel still does not allow fuel to enter Gaza

Despite Israel's promise to allow two fuel trucks a day into the Gaza Strip, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees in Gaza says none has yet arrived. "We urgently need fuel for humanitarian operations across the Gaza Strip.

We need at least 120,000 liters of fuel every day if they want us to continue providing aid to people in need," said the UN agency. Aid is to be distributed to 80,000 people in shelters managed by the agency, reports the BBC.