Netanyahu to Allow Fuel in Gaza to Prevent War Crimes Accusations!


Netanyahu to Allow Fuel in Gaza to Prevent War Crimes Accusations!
Netanyahu to Allow Fuel in Gaza to Prevent War Crimes Accusations! © Getty Images News/Lior Mizrahi

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has approved the entry of fuel into Gaza. This decision, emerging from an intense cabinet meeting that stretched into the early hours, reflects Netanyahu's effort to preclude a deepening humanitarian crisis in the region.

Netanyahu's rationale is clear: without fuel, Gaza would face severe humanitarian challenges, potentially drawing international criticism and backlash. By allowing fuel into Gaza, Netanyahu aims to maintain international legitimacy for Israel's ongoing operations in the area.

This move, however, is not without its dissenters, as some cabinet ministers initially opposed the decision, signaling internal divisions over the approach to Gaza.

Safeguarding Against Misuse

A key aspect of Netanyahu's decision involves stringent monitoring mechanisms to ensure that the fuel is used appropriately.

There is a palpable concern that without proper oversight, the fuel could end up supporting Hamas, the governing body in Gaza, which Israel and several other countries consider a terrorist organization. Netanyahu has emphasized the strategic importance of this move, not only in averting a humanitarian disaster but also in preventing potential accusations of war crimes.

Uncovering Hamas's Attack Plans

In a related development, an investigation by Shin Bet, Israel's internal security service, has revealed new insights into a deadly attack by Hamas on October 7. Contrary to initial speculations, Hamas operatives were apparently unaware of a party near Ra'i, which coincided with their planned terrorist attack.

This discovery emerged following a surveillance operation that involved infiltrating Israeli territory with drones, where the operatives discovered the party, attended by hundreds of individuals. Initially, security experts believed that Hamas was unaware of the party, and it was not a deliberate target in their attack plan.

The party had been scheduled to end before the day of the attack, but a last-minute military approval extended it to Saturday, coinciding with the tragic events. The attack resulted in over 350 casualties and nearly 50 kidnappings, including the abduction of deceased individuals.

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