Apple and Disney pull their ads from X : Such a step was previously taken by IBM

Apple, Disney and Lionsgate reportedly suspended ads from the platform days after X owner Elon Musk appeared to publicly endorse an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory

by Sededin Dedovic
Apple and Disney pull their ads from X : Such a step was previously taken by IBM
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In a significant blow to X, a growing number of major advertisers are pulling their ads from the platform in response to a surge in anti-Semitic content and concerns about the company's handling of hate speech. This exodus of advertisers comes amid a growing backlash against X owner Elon Musk, who has been criticized for his own tweets and his stated commitment to free speech absolutism.

Apple, Disney, Lionsgate, and IBM Join the Boycott

The latest companies to join the ad boycott include tech giant Apple, entertainment giant Disney, film studio Lionsgate, and business technology company IBM. These companies join a growing list of advertisers that have paused their spending on X, including Warner Bros.

Discovery, Paramount Global, and General Motors. The decision to pull ads comes in response to a recent incident in which Musk appeared to endorse an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. This incident has sparked outrage from civil rights groups and advertisers alike, who have called on X to take more action to combat hate speech on the platform.

Musk has been a vocal critic of X's previous content moderation policies, which he has argued were too restrictive. Since taking over the company, Musk has relaxed these policies, leading to an increase in hate speech and other harmful content.

Musk's own tweets have also come under fire, with some critics accusing him of spreading misinformation and promoting harmful stereotypes. His recent endorsement of an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory has further fueled concerns about his judgment and his commitment to creating a safe and inclusive platform.

X's Struggling Ad Business

The loss of major advertisers is a serious blow to X, which has been struggling to generate revenue since Musk's takeover. The company's ad revenue reportedly fell by more than 50 percent over the summer, and the loss of these additional advertisers is likely to make it even more difficult for the company to recover.

The exodus of advertisers and the growing backlash against Musk raise serious questions about the future of X. The company's commitment to free speech absolutism has alienated many users and advertisers, and its handling of hate speech has been widely criticized.

Without significant changes, X may struggle to regain the trust of advertisers and users alike. Source: Engadget

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