Microsoft announced that AI Copilot is officially coming to Windows 10

Microsoft's Copilot AI is coming to more than one billion devices

by Sededin Dedovic
Microsoft announced that AI Copilot is officially coming to Windows 10
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In a move that reflects the enduring popularity of Windows 10, Microsoft is expanding its AI ambitions by integrating its AI Copilot feature into the operating system. AI Copilot, which was initially introduced with Windows 11, will now be available to Windows 10 users via an upcoming update.

This expansion marks a significant step in Microsoft's strategy to make AI accessible to a wider audience. AI Copilot, designed to enhance productivity and creativity, will appear on the right side of the taskbar in Windows 10.

Users can interact with the AI by asking questions, managing Windows functions, and interacting with documents. Microsoft has assured users that the Copilot window will not overlap with desktop content or block open windows.

The integration of AI Copilot into Windows 10 comes as no surprise given the operating system's vast user base. Despite being Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 11 accounts for only 26% of Windows installations, while Windows 10 holds a dominant 69% share of the Windows market.

Windows 10 is on over a billion devices, Windows 11 on 400 million

Microsoft's decision to bring AI Copilot to Windows 10 is a strategic move to extend the reach of its AI technology to a broader range of devices. With Windows 10 installed on over 1 billion devices, the introduction of AI Copilot has the potential to significantly enhance the user experience for a vast number of individuals.

The initial rollout of AI Copilot for Windows 10 will focus on North America, as well as parts of Asia and South America. Microsoft recommends that Windows Insiders install the latest November Update to prepare for the update and enable the option to receive the latest updates as they become available in Windows Update.

This expansion of AI Copilot to Windows 10 underscores Microsoft's commitment to making AI accessible tool. By bringing AI Copilot to a larger audience, Microsoft is positioning itself as a leader in the democratization of AI technology.

It is certainly a good move by Microsoft management. Source: Engadget