Zelensky rejects Peace Talks: Russia is not afraid and will not stop

An interesting interview of the Ukrainian president with a British newspaper

by Sededin Dedovic
Zelensky rejects Peace Talks: Russia is not afraid and will not stop
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In a defiant interview with the British tabloid "The Sun," Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky ruled out the possibility of peace talks with Russia, despite the ongoing challenges faced by Ukrainian forces on the battlefield.

"Is it difficult at the front? Yes. But, be a friend or sit down at the negotiating table with Russia? No," he stated emphatically. Zelensky's stance reflects a deep-seated belief that Russia is not genuinely interested in pursuing peace.

He argues that Moscow's actions, particularly its continued military advances, indicate a desire to impose its will on Ukraine rather than engage in sincere negotiations. This perception, coupled with the significant sacrifices made by Ukrainians, has hardened Zelensky's resolve to continue fighting for his country's sovereignty.

He also assessed that Russia will not stop and will continue to progress, because it is not afraid of confrontation with the rest of the world. The Ukrainian leader added that Moscow will continue to advance until Washington and Beijing jointly call on it to stop and withdraw its army.

Greater military assistance from the Western allies is needed

The Ukrainian president also took aim at the level of military support provided by Western countries, asserting that it falls short of what is needed to effectively repel Russian aggression.

He implored them to increase the supply of weapons, even if it means going beyond their current comfort zones. "If you can give - give! If you can sell - sell! We can also rent weapons. If you don't want to give us weapons or can't, let's consider joint production.

Give us the permission, we will find the money," he pleaded. Zelensky's comments highlight the growing frustration among Ukrainian authorities over the pace and scope of Western military assistance. They believe that a more robust response is necessary to deter Russian aggression and achieve a favorable outcome for Ukraine. As the conflict enters its next phase, Zelensky's leadership will be crucial in shaping Ukraine's destiny.

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