Paris Hilton's Shock Move: 11:11 Media Ditches X Amid Antisemitism Row


Paris Hilton's Shock Move: 11:11 Media Ditches X Amid Antisemitism Row
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Paris Hilton's entertainment company, 11:11 Media, has retracted its advertising campaign from Elon Musk's X, a platform previously known as Twitter. This move is part of a growing trend of brands distancing themselves from the platform due to concerns over antisemitism and pro-Nazi content.

A Partnership Dissolved

Just last month, 11:11 Media had announced an exclusive partnership with X, which was hailed as a major collaboration. The deal, orchestrated by X's chief executive, Linda Yaccarino, was intended to establish a dynamic space for new initiatives in video, live commerce, and other interactive formats.

Yaccarino, previously with NBCUniversal, has been actively working to attract advertisers back to X amidst the controversies surrounding Musk's leadership. Bruce Gersh, President and COO of 11:11 Media, confirmed the decision to CNN, marking a setback for X and its efforts to bolster its advertising and content strategies.

This partnership, once described as "a new era" exclusively on X, now faces an uncertain future.

Broader Implications and Brand Responses

The decision by 11:11 Media is not isolated. In the past week alone, at least half a dozen brands have paused their advertising on X, citing concerns over the platform's handling of sensitive content, including antisemitism and pro-Nazi sentiments.

These actions reflect a broader challenge for social media platforms in moderating content while maintaining a space for free expression. The response from Paris Hilton's company is particularly impactful given her significant presence on the platform.

Hilton, with over 16.6 million followers on her personal account, remains active on X, though the future of her company's partnership with the platform remains unclear. As social media continues to grapple with the balance between freedom of speech and the responsibility to curb harmful content, the actions of influential companies like 11:11 Media serve as a barometer for the industry's direction.

The situation highlights the growing need for robust content moderation strategies and the potential consequences for platforms that fail to address these concerns effectively.

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