Bill Gates warns humanity with new 'prophecy'

Through a post on his blog, the co-founder of Microsof, came back to talk about the AI

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Bill Gates warns humanity with new 'prophecy'
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It might seem like a prophecy like the ones we have heard in many science fiction films, but I believe that Bill Gates' words about artificial intelligence are not that far from reality. The co-founder of Microsoft shared a new prophecy through a long post on his blog, which concerns how technology and our lives will change over the next five years due to artificial intelligence.

And his words are both a warning and a hope. "The plans are still stupid but we must prepare for the fact that the situation will change completely," he wrote. Gates said it will be enough to communicate with your device and ask it, in simple language, to carry out some tasks for us.

Based on the amount of information contained within the device itself, it will be able to give more or less personalized answers. According to Gates, virtual assistants already exist, but in the future they will be much more intelligent and, with the necessary permissions, will be able to know our every activity, developing a powerful understanding of the people and places around us.

And Gates has his idea on the use of AI

Not only. Gates explained in his blog: "In the next five years, this will change completely. You won't have to use different apps for different tasks. You'll simply tell your device, in everyday language, what you want to do.

And depending on how much information you choose to share with it, the software will be able to respond personally because it will have a rich understanding of your life. In the near future, anyone who's online will be able to have a personal assistant powered by artificial intelligence that's far beyond today's technology.

This type of software something that responds to natural language and can accomplish many different tasks based on its knowledge of the user is called an agent. I've been thinking about agents for nearly 30 years and wrote about them in my 1995 book The Road Ahead, but they've only recently become practical because of advances in AI.

Agents are not only going to change how everyone interacts with computers. They're also going to upend the software industry, bringing about the biggest revolution in computing since we went from typing commands to tapping on icons."

Bill Gates