Hezbollah: The American attack will not go unpunished, an answer will come soon

The US strikes came in retaliation for Hezbollah's attack on an AC-130 aircraft, which was in flight when the militants fired two short-range ballistic missiles at the Al-Assad base on Monday night

by Sededin Dedovic
Hezbollah: The American attack will not go unpunished, an answer will come soon
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The militant terrorist group Hezbollah in Iraq warned today that it could attack more US targets, after US jets killed several militants in response to the use of short-range ballistic missiles against US forces at Al-Assad Air Base earlier this week.

U.S. warplanes attacked Hezbollah's Kataib operations center on Tuesday, as well as a Kataib command and control center near Al Anbar and Jurf al Saqr, south of Baghdad, two U.S. military officials said on condition of anonymity, the AP reported.

The US military said the strikes against Kataib Hezbollah were "necessary to protect US personnel and interests in Iraq." Kataib Hezbollah has condemned the US strikes and has vowed to retaliate. The group said that the US attack was "a clear violation of Iraqi sovereignty" and that it would "not go unpunished." The US military has said that it will continue to monitor the situation in Iraq and will take whatever action is necessary to protect its personnel and interests.

Implications of the Attacks

The latest exchange of violence between the US military and Kataib Hezbollah is likely to further destabilize Iraq. The country has been struggling to recover from the 2014-2017 war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and the ongoing violence between the US and Kataib Hezbollah is likely to make it more difficult for the Iraqi government to stabilize the country.

The US military's strikes against Kataib Hezbollah are also likely to strain relations between the US and Iran. Iran is a major supporter of Kataib Hezbollah, and the US strikes are likely to be seen as an attack on Iran's interests in Iraq.

The US military's actions are also likely to draw criticism from some Iraqis, who will see them as an unwarranted interference in Iraqi affairs. The situation in Iraq is likely to remain volatile in the coming days and weeks. The global situation in the world is very tense and these latest attacks add fuel to the fire.