Cuban President Led Large Pro-Palestinian Demonstrations in Front of the US Embassy

Over 100 thousand people gathered at the invitation of the communist youth

by Sededin Dedovic
Cuban President Led Large Pro-Palestinian Demonstrations in Front of the US Embassy
© AFP / Youtube channel

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel led a large demonstration in Havana last night in support of the Palestinians, during which the US was criticized for supporting Israel. More and more southern American states openly support the Palestinians and it seems that this trend is spreading further.

Along with his wife Lis Cuesta and Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero, the president led a demonstration that was launched at the call of communist youth and held on the Malecón, Havana's coastal avenue where the US embassy is located.

The communist youth invited all participants of the protest to gather in front of the American embassy in order to send a symbolic message to Israel's biggest partner. "What the young Cubans are asking for with this march is for the fire in Palestine to stop," one student told France Presse, and assessed that "genocide is happening" in Gaza.

For almost an hour, the demonstrators waved Palestinian flags and the inscriptions "Free Palestine", "No genocide, long live Palestine". Demonstrators were joined by random passers-by, people got out of cars they left on the road and joined the protest.

100 thousand people demonstrated in front of the American embassy

According to the data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, more than 100,000 people gathered, including students, high school students, as well as employees of state companies.

There were many young people who were the initiators of the protest, and of course they were joined by representatives of the Cuban government. The special representative of the European Union for human rights, Eamon Gilmore, was also present at the meeting.

He has previously expressed support for a ceasefire and advocated for fewer civilian casualties. Marching outside the United States embassy, whose government strongly supports Israel, young protesters chanted "Yankees, fascists and terrorists." It is the largest demonstration organized in Cuba since the beginning of the war in Gaza on October 7.

Demonstrations and protests are very rare in Cuba, and this is probably the largest such gathering in recent years. We remind you that a four-day ceasefire in the Gaza Strip began this morning.