Putin announced the Russian national strategy for the development of AI

The Russian president took this step in order to prevent the monopoly of the West

by Sededin Dedovic
Putin announced the Russian national strategy for the development of AI
© Guardian News / Youtube channel

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced plans to adopt a national strategy for the development of artificial intelligence (AI), stressing the need to prevent a Western monopoly in the field. He says that he understood what kind of technology it is and that it is necessary to develop Russia's own as a reciprocal measure to the West.

Speaking at the AI conference in Moscow, Putin stressed that "it is imperative to use Russian solutions in the field of creating reliable and transparent AI systems that are also safe for people." "The monopolistic dominance of such foreign technology in Russia is unacceptable, dangerous and inadmissible," Putin said.

Putin warned that algorithms developed by Western platforms could lead to the digital "cancellation" of Russia and its culture. "Artificial intelligence, created according to Western standards and patterns, could be xenophobic," Putin said, assessing that "Western search engines and generative models often work in a very selective, biased way, do not take into account, and sometimes simply ignore abolish Russian culture," he said.

According to him, "the machine receives some kind of creative task and solves it using only English-language data, which is convenient and useful for system programmers, so the algorithm, for example, can tell the machine that Russia, our culture, science, music , literature simply do not exist." Support for such investigations Putin has promised to invest additional funds in the development of supercomputers and other technologies to intensify national AI research.

"We are talking about expanding fundamental and applied research in the field of generative artificial intelligence and large-scale language models," Putin said. "Our traditional values, the richness and beauty of the Russian language and the languages of other peoples of Russia must form the basis of our development," helping to create "reliable, transparent and secure AI systems," Putin said.

The Russian president estimated that attempts to ban the development of artificial intelligence would be impossible, but he pointed out the importance of ensuring the necessary protective measures. "I am convinced that the future is not in banning the development of technology, it is simply impossible," he said, adding: "Simply, if we ban something, it will be developed somewhere else, and we will only be left behind." Putin said the global community will be able to create security guidelines for artificial intelligence once it fully understands the risks.

"When they feel the danger of its uncontrolled spread, uncontrolled activities in this sphere, there will be an immediate desire to reach an agreement," he said.