Netanyahu Discusses Potential Truce Extension with Biden

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conveyed to President Joe Biden his openness to extending the ongoing truce with Hamas.

by Faruk Imamovic
Netanyahu Discusses Potential Truce Extension with Biden
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conveyed to President Joe Biden his openness to extending the ongoing truce with Hamas. This extension is contingent upon the continued release of hostages from Gaza, with a proposal of freeing 10 individuals daily.

Netanyahu, expressing the nation's profound emotion, said, "We brought back another group of hostages this evening – women and children, and we are moved from the depths of our hearts, the entire nation, when we see this reuniting of families.

It simply stirs the soul." He further elaborated on the potential to release an additional ten hostages each day, a move he described as "welcome." In his discussions with Biden, Netanyahu emphasized that should the truce come to an end, Israel is prepared to employ full force to achieve its objectives: the dismantling of Hamas, ensuring a transformed Gaza, and the liberation of all Israeli hostages.

Solidarity and Determination: A Visit to the Frontlines

On Sunday, Netanyahu's visit to Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip underscored the nation's resolve. He proclaimed, "We will continue until the end, until victory. Nothing will stop us." This visit, highlighting the morale and determination of the Israeli forces, comes as the truce, now in its final day, teeters on the brink of extension.

Reflecting on his visit, Netanyahu remarked, "After being today in Gaza and meeting with our soldiers, our heroes, and courageous reservists and soldiers, with fire in their eyes, I am convinced that we’ll succeed, because we have no other choice."

International Support and Future Negotiations

As the deadline looms, the international community, including key nations like the US and Qatar, has expressed support for extending the truce.

Hamas, in a statement on Sunday, indicated its willingness to prolong the ceasefire, eyeing an increase in the number of releases as stipulated in the humanitarian ceasefire agreement. Qatar, instrumental in mediating the initial agreement, remains hopeful.

Majed Al-Ansari, Qatar’s foreign ministry spokesperson, expressed optimism on CNN: "What we are hoping for is that the momentum from the releases and this four-day agreement will extend the truce, leading to more serious discussions about the remaining hostages." In a similar vein, US President Joe Biden, during a Sunday news conference, voiced his support for extending the pause in hostilities, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the safe release of more hostages and facilitating critical aid to civilians in the affected areas.

As negotiations continue, the eyes of the world remain fixed on this delicate balance of peace, hope, and the unwavering quest for stability in a region long plagued by conflict.

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