Tech Giants United : Google, Microsoft and Meta are teaming up to fight hackers

They established a steering committee to improve application security through the restructured Application Defense Alliance

by Sededin Dedovic
Tech Giants United : Google, Microsoft and Meta are teaming up to fight hackers
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In a significant move to strengthen application security, Google, Microsoft and Meta have joined forces to establish a steering committee for a restructured Application Defense Alliance (ADA). This alliance, now part of the Linux Foundation family, aims to "broaden the scope of the Alliance to encourage the common implementation of industry standards for application security," according to the official press release.

The ADA, originally established by Google in 2019, was primarily focused on protecting the Google Play Store and the Android app ecosystem by identifying and preventing malware. However, recognizing the evolving nature of cybersecurity threats and the growing importance of application security standards, the alliance expanded its scope in 2022.

Today, the ADA encompasses a broader range of industry-wide collaborations, including malware mitigation and mobile application security assessment. and cloud applications. With its expanded scope and the addition of 17 new members, ADA is poised to play a key role in improving application security across the industry.

"The App Defense Alliance will help further strengthen trust in overall app security by uniting with others in the industry who share an unwavering commitment to protecting users," noted Dave Kleidermacher, vice president of engineering for Android and Made-by-Google security and privacy at Google.

The alliance now has 17 members

The ADA Steering Committee, consisting of Google, Microsoft and Meta, will provide strategic direction and guidance for the alliance's initiatives. The wider alliance membership includes a wide range of organisations, including BishopFox, Dekra, ESET, KPMG, Leviathan, Lookout, McAfee, NCC Group, NetSentries Technologies FZCO, NowSecure, Orange Cyberdefense South Africa Ltd, Prescient Security, PwC, Schellman, TAC Security, TrendMicro and Zimperium.

This collaborative effort between leading technology companies and cybersecurity experts demonstrates a clear commitment to protecting the digital landscape and protecting users from evolving cyber threats. As ADA continues to expand its scope and impact, it is poised to make a significant contribution to improving application security across platforms and industries.

Now that the Alliance has been significantly expanded with the "Big Three", it will certainly create a problem for hackers.

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