Germany's urgent demand for skilled foreign workers

Qualified workers now have a right to stay, with fewer restrictions

by Sead Dedovic
Germany's urgent demand for skilled foreign workers
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German employers face a shortage of workers and specialists across various sectors like IT, caregiving, craftsmanship, technology, logistics, and more. Many believe that this is a great opportunity for those who want to earn money and come to Germany.

This summer's "Law on the Further Development of Skilled Immigration" aims to ease barriers for workers and experts from non-EU countries, taking effect in three phases. The Germans are aware that they have to change their policies in order for the workforce to get there.

The federal government portal provides these rules in German, English, Spanish, and French. The first changes began on November 18, 2023. The EU Blue Card allows immediate immigration to Germany without checking local availability or language skills.

The salary limit for deficit occupations is lowered to 40,000 euros and slightly less than 44,000 euros for other professions.

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The list of deficit occupations expands to include educators, nurses, technicians, and more.

Now, even non-degree holders in the IT sector can obtain an EU Blue Card with three years of work experience. Qualified workers now have a right to stay, with fewer restrictions on working in their studied field. Professional drivers face fewer hurdles for Federal Labor Agency approval, and language and priority checks are abolished.

March 2024 will bring further changes: professional qualifications exemption for experienced workers, eased regulations for family arrivals, and a "chance card" for job seekers with a scoring system allowing trial work and extension for employment prospects.

Germany is experiencing economic and industrial expansion, as it has been for years. They need a large number of workers. From year to year, an increasing number of Europeans, as well as those from outside Europe, come to Germany to find happiness there.

The Germans want to define their laws more clearly and make it easier for everyone. It will be a great chance for many.