Police warning: Deactivate this iPhone option, your children are in danger


Police warning: Deactivate this iPhone option, your children are in danger
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Annually, Apple unveils new mobile operating system versions with significant updates for iPhone and iPad users. Throughout the year, the company releases smaller updates primarily focused on security patches. Apple has always put an accent on security, and it seems that it was their primary concern, realizing how important data protection is to their users.

The latest OS update for Apple's mobile devices and smartwatches introduced NameDrop, a feature facilitating easy contact sharing between devices when brought close to each other. While this feature offers convenience, a police station in Ohio warned users, especially parents of younger users, about potential risks associated with its use.

NameDrop, automatically activated after system upgrades, enables swift contact exchange, including phone numbers, emails, and images. This quick exchange poses a risk as it allows strangers to access children's contact information.

Parents' reaction

A large number of parents are dissatisfied with Apple's innovations and believe that this can be a terrible thing for their children. On the other hand, Apple is a company that tends to present something new to users and make things easier.

The question is, however, whether these innovations really make it easier or create an even bigger problem. Opinions are divided. Although there's an option to decline contact sharing requests, the police caution that not everyone may be aware of this functionality, advising parents to deactivate the feature for increased safety.

To do so, users can navigate to Settings/General on their iPhone, turning off the Device Proximity option within the AirDrop settings. Re-enabling it allows contact sharing when needed by bringing devices close together. It is inevitable that the future will bring maximum protection of our data, even though the situation is already satisfactory.

Apple has always strived for progress since the creation of this company. It will be interesting to see what they plan to offer us in the years ahead.