Endgame, the book that labels William the Prince of Wales as a power-hungry

Omid Scobie's controversial upcoming book calls out King Charles III as a loser, but not only that

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Endgame, the book that labels William the Prince of Wales as a power-hungry
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The controversial book Endgame is about to be released, which will tell the (alleged) most uncomfortable secrets of the British royal family and the almost end of relations between the heir of the house of Windsor, William the Prince of Wales and his father, King Charles III.

Omid Scobie, former author of Finding Freedom, describes a British crown now close to collapse. According to the author, Charles and William would not speak to each other. And obviously, friends of the Prince of Wales have panned the book and its author, pointing out that what is written in the book are just conspiracy theories disguised as facts.

According to Scobie - as he anticipated to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera - William knows that his father's reign is only transitional and therefore behaves accordingly, describing the heir to the throne as a power-hungry intriguer, at ease with the dirty tricks of the palace and with the courtiers who invent them.

Scobie calls Charles III a failed father and a cheating husband who destroyed Diana's life. A spoiled man raised among incredible privileges who even demands that the valets iron his shoelaces.

Who is Omid Scobie, the author of the upcoming book Endgame?

As can be read from the description of the books sold on Amazon, we can find more info about the author: "Omid Scobie is a London-based journalist, author, Harper's Bazaar editor-at-large and Yahoo!

News executive editor. His New York Times bestselling biography on the Duke and Duchess of Harry and Meghan, Finding Freedom, is one of the fastest selling royal books of all time and has seen Scobie become the most talked about royal correspondent of this generation.

Today, he remains an authoritative voice on the lives and philanthropic endeavors of the British Royal Family, which he has covered since 2011, and can regularly be seen on U.S. television as a contributor for Good Morning America and ABC News, helping shape coverage for breaking royal news and major royal events.

An advocate for a more diverse, inclusive and ethical media, Scobie is regularly invited to speak with at industry events and with journalism students."