Omid Scobie: "Rumors said Prince William cheated on Kate Middleton"

According to the revelations of the controversial Omid Scobie in the book Endgame, Harry and Meghan would have been used to cover up a marital affair of the future King

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Omid Scobie: "Rumors said Prince William cheated on Kate Middleton"
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New revelations emerge from the controversial book by Royal Family expert Omid Scobie, in bookstores with its new title Endgame. The journalist, a close friend of Harry and Meghan, the Dukes would have been used to cover an extramarital affair of Prince William.

Not even Prince Harry had mentioned it in the Spare biography.
Omid Scobie in a recent interview with ET, explained: "I think that Prince William's alleged relationship with Rose Hanbury is mere speculation but that doesn't take away the fact, I think, that Harry and Meghan have been used so much by the tabloids to obscure these alleged rumors.

In the book I was very careful to focus on the whole issue: the accusations against William, Kate and their discussions with Rose Hanbury. For legal reasons, there are many things I couldn't write about. Regardless, I don't see the It's time for concrete proof of everything I said." According to the author, press officer Christian Jones offered the British tabloid The Sun other stories related to the royal family in exchange for giving up the rumors.

A friend of the Middleton family once told US Weekly: "Kate finds the rumors hurtful, obviously, and she hates the thought that her children will one day be able to read them online."

But who is Rose Hanbury?

Rose and her husband met in 2003, during a holiday in Italy.

With their three children, twins Alexander and Oliver, born in 2009, and Iris, 2016, the couple live in Houghton Hall, which was the home of Prime Minister Robert Walpole, of whom David is a descendant. She attended the commemoration for the first year of Prince Philip's death, and then one of her sons, Lord Oliver, served as a page of honor at Charles III's coronation last May. Her husband David was also appointed Lord in Waiting by Charles III.

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