Netanyahu Makes a Statement: No End to Gaza Operations Until Victory!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conveyed a resolute message

by Faruk Imamovic
Netanyahu Makes a Statement: No End to Gaza Operations Until Victory!
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conveyed a resolute message: Israel's military operations in Gaza will persist until all their objectives are met. This unwavering commitment underscores the intensity of the current conflict and the complexities involved in seeking a resolution.

Netanyahu emphasized the necessity of ground maneuvers as a pivotal strategy in achieving Israel’s goals. "We will continue the war until we achieve all our goals, and we can’t achieve these goals without the ground maneuvering," he stated.

The prime minister outlined the key objectives of the Israeli operations: the liberation of hostages, the eradication of Hamas, and the prevention of a terror regime in Gaza. The plight of the hostages, though details remain undisclosed, was briefly mentioned by Netanyahu.

He alluded to their harrowing experiences in Gaza, saying, "As evidence has been gathered, you realize they experienced hell."

Global Perspectives and Warnings

The Israeli stance has garnered varied reactions on the international stage.

French President Emmanuel Macron called for more clarity from Israel regarding their end goals and strategies. Macron expressed skepticism about the feasibility of completely destroying Hamas, suggesting it could lead to a prolonged conflict spanning a decade.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, speaking at a defense forum in California, also weighed in. He emphasized the importance of protecting civilians in Gaza and cautioned Israel against actions that might inadvertently strengthen Hamas.

Austin’s remarks highlighted the need for responsible rhetoric and increased access to humanitarian aid in the conflict zone. "It would compound this tragedy if all that awaited Israelis and Palestinians at the end of this war was more insecurity, more rage, and more despair," Austin remarked.

Netanyahu’s Stern Warning to Hezbollah

In addition to addressing the situation in Gaza, Netanyahu reiterated his caution against Hezbollah’s involvement in the conflict. He spoke of ongoing operations against Hezbollah in the north and warned of severe repercussions should they escalate their involvement.

Netanyahu's statement indicated a broader strategic approach, seeking to secure both northern and southern fronts of Israel.

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