Israel's Top Security Chief Declares Full-Scale War on Hamas!


Israel's Top Security Chief Declares Full-Scale War on Hamas!
© Getty Images News/Amir Levy

Israel has set a long-term objective to dismantle Hamas' presence and influence globally, a mission underscored by Ronen Bar, the nation's top domestic security chief. In a revealing statement aired by the public broadcaster Kan, Bar made it clear that this goal is not limited by geography or time.

"The cabinet set us a goal. In the words of the street, it is to eliminate Hamas. And we are determined to do it. This is our Munich. Everywhere: in Gaza, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Qatar, everywhere," he articulated. This determined stance reflects a broader strategy, not just a reactionary measure.

Bar's use of the term "our Munich" is a poignant reference to Israel's historical response to terror attacks, specifically the targeted assassination campaign against Black September operatives post the 1972 Munich Olympics tragedy.

This analogy signifies the depth of Israel's commitment to this cause.

A Strategy in Motion

Israel's actions against Hamas have been both decisive and impactful. Recently, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) eliminated Haitham Khuwajari, the commander of Hamas' Shati Battalion, in a precise airstrike.

IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari clarified that Khuwajari was instrumental in the October 7 raids into Israeli territory. This operation is a part of a larger narrative where Israel, since mid-November, has taken control of the Al-Shati refugee camp in the northern Gaza strip.

The military's statement post the operation is telling: "We will continue to pursue the site and eliminate each of the commanders who command the area under their control as [the IDF] did yesterday in the Sajaya Battalion."

The Road Ahead

Bar's reflections and the IDF's recent operations signal a robust and sustained effort.

"It will take a few years, but we will be there to do it. The security responsibility is ours. Our duty is to provide both security and a sense of security," said Bar, acknowledging the complexities and the long-term nature of this mission.

This statement not only underlines the commitment of Israel's security forces but also hints at the challenges ahead in ensuring stability and safety.