Is Your PC Ready for an AI Overlord? Windows 12 Release Date Confirmed

The next version of the Windows operating system is nearing completion and is expected to usher Microsoft into a new era of AI computing

by Sededin Dedovic
Is Your PC Ready for an AI Overlord? Windows 12 Release Date Confirmed
© Jeenah Moon / getty Images

Get ready for a new era of computing, powered by artificial intelligence, as the next iteration of Windows draws to a close. According to whispers from industry giants, Windows 12 is set to be released in June 2024, ushering in an exciting wave of AI-powered machines.

Something new and previously unseen awaits us on the new Windows. The news comes thanks to a recent report by the Commercial Times, which quoted Quanta president Lin Baili and Acer CEO Jason Chen as saying at the Taiwan Medical Technology Expo.

Baili's words were particularly telling: "Increased spending on generative artificial intelligence suggests that when Windows 12 arrives, expect AI computers to appear one after the other." While Chen agrees on an AI-driven future, he tempers expectations, acknowledging the need for customer behavior to adapt.

He believes that widespread adoption of AI computers will be a gradual process, not an overnight phenomenon. These statements are consistent with earlier rumblings. Back in October, Intel's CFO, Dave Zinsner, hinted at a "refreshed Windows expected next year," further fueling the excitement.

Zinsner even expressed optimism about "client-side business" after this "refresh", implying a significant impact on the PC market.

Windows 12 marks a new era of computers and operating systems

So what can we expect from this AI-infused Windows 12? Although the details remain shrouded in secrecy, it's safe to assume a deeper integration of AI into the operating system.

Imagine a personal assistant that anticipates your needs, a learning system that optimizes performance based on your usage, and even creative tools that use AI to generate stunning content. The possibilities are endless. Of course, privacy and security concerns in this AI-driven environment are inevitable.

Microsoft will need to tread carefully, ensuring transparency and control for users while unlocking the full potential of AI integration. One thing is for sure: Windows 12 is ready to change the game. Mark your calendars for June 2024 and prepare to witness the dawn of AI-powered computing, a revolution that promises to redefine the way we interact with our machines.