Joe Biden Says He's Only Running to Stop Donald Trump


Joe Biden Says He's Only Running to Stop Donald Trump
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President Joe Biden disclosed to Democratic donors that his decision to seek re-election might hinge significantly on whether his predecessor, Donald Trump, enters the race. This revelation, delivered at a fundraiser in Boston, underscores the intricate dynamics shaping the upcoming presidential election.

Biden vs. Trump: More Than Just a Rematch

Biden's remark, "If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d be running," speaks volumes about his perspective on the current political landscape. It suggests that his decision to run again may be less about a second term's ambitions and more about ensuring that Trump does not reclaim the presidency.

This statement not only provides a glimpse into Biden's strategic thinking but also hints at the deeply personal nature of this potential rematch. According to sources, Biden's unguarded comment surprised even his senior campaign officials and advisors.

The reaction of a top campaign adviser, simply "Yikes," reflects the unexpected nature of Biden's admission. Attempting to downplay the remark, Biden's campaign emphasized his longstanding view of Trump as a unique threat to American democracy.

Delaware Senator Chris Coons, a national co-chair of Biden’s 2024 campaign, reinforced this sentiment, recalling Biden's 2020 campaign motivations and his vow to "restore the soul of our nation." Coons remains confident that Biden, having defeated Trump once, can do so again.

Later, when pressed by reporters at the White House, Biden seemed to slightly walk back his statement, acknowledging he would likely still run even if Trump did not. Yet, he reinforced the necessity of his candidacy in the face of Trump's confirmed run.

The Road to Re-election: Challenges and Strategies

Biden's fundraising efforts, expected to generate over $15 million in a matter of days, highlight the scale and intensity of the upcoming election campaign. He has embarked on a series of high-dollar fundraisers and grassroots campaigns, signaling a robust and well-funded re-election bid.

In these fundraising events, Biden has taken a direct approach against Trump, criticizing his policies and rhetoric. He specifically addressed Trump's recent comments on healthcare and divisive language, presenting himself as a unifying figure in contrast to Trump's polarizing persona.

“Trump’s not even hiding the ball anymore. He’s telling us what he’s going to do. He’s making no bones about it,” Biden told donors.

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