Joe Biden Warns: U.S. Troops vs. Russian Soldiers If Ukraine Falls!


Joe Biden Warns: U.S. Troops vs. Russian Soldiers If Ukraine Falls!
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President Joe Biden, in a significant address on Wednesday, made an impassioned plea to Republicans for an urgent infusion of military aid to Ukraine. He warned that a Russian victory over Ukraine could dangerously escalate the situation, potentially leading to Moscow's aggression against NATO allies and drawing U.S.

troops into direct conflict. Biden's remarks came as the United States geared up to announce an additional $175 million in aid for Ukraine from its rapidly depleting funds. In his statement, Biden cautioned, "If Putin takes Ukraine, he won’t stop there." Predicting a direct threat to NATO allies, he emphasized the grave possibility of American troops engaging in combat against Russian forces, a scenario the U.S.

is keen to avoid. Russia responded sharply to Biden's comments. RIA news agency quoted Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, who criticized Biden's remarks as "provocative rhetoric unacceptable for a responsible nuclear power".

Political Roadblocks and White House's Determination

Despite the urgency of the situation, Senate Republicans later blocked legislation that would have significantly bolstered security assistance for Ukraine and Israel, among other international concerns.

The Republicans' stance was driven by a desire to emphasize the importance of a more stringent U.S. border policy. This political deadlock comes at a critical time as the White House warns of dwindling resources to support Ukraine in its resistance against Russia's invasion.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, in an interview, reiterated the U.S.' s commitment to not pressuring Ukraine into negotiations with Russia, stating, "That's going to have to be up to them." Sullivan expressed the administration's resolve to continue advocating for Ukrainian support, believing that backing away from Ukraine at this juncture would be a "historic mistake".

He also mentioned Biden's readiness to engage in "reasonable, responsible discussions" to achieve a bipartisan agreement on border policy and resources. As the budgetary situation becomes more pressing, with the U.S. Defense Department having utilized 97% of its supplemental funding and the State Department exhausting its allocated military assistance funds, the urgency for a political resolution intensifies.

This funding challenge underscores the delicate balance the Biden administration must maintain between international commitments and domestic political realities.

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