Bill Burr Calls Out 'Idiot Liberals' for Fueling Trump's Comeback on Kimmel Show


Bill Burr Calls Out 'Idiot Liberals' for Fueling Trump's Comeback on Kimmel Show
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During a recent appearance on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", comedian Bill Burr offered a provocative critique of both liberal media and former President Donald Trump, stirring the pot in a way only a comedian can. Known for his no-holds-barred approach, Burr didn't shy away from expressing his disdain for the current political climate and the media's role in it.

Burr, who is not a supporter of Trump, turned his critical eye towards how progressives and media figures like Jimmy Kimmel have handled the former president. "Liberals are so stupid, the way that they handle Trump," he bluntly stated during the interview.

Burr's central argument was that by continuously focusing on Trump, especially through legal indictments, liberals were inadvertently turning him into a martyr, hence ensuring his continued relevance in the political arena.

Burr's Critique of Trump and the Political Landscape

Extending his critique, Burr compared Trump to a "one-hit wonder," akin to the artist of "The Twist," but resurrected by the media's relentless attention. "You idiot liberals wrote him ‘Twist Again' when you indicted him," Burr remarked, warning that this would only lead to Trump's political comeback.

Burr also expressed his frustration with the likely choices for the next presidential election, humorously lamenting the possibility of Trump running against President Biden again. He quipped about wishing for a younger candidate, someone in their 40s, who would have to "live with their decision." The conversation took a controversial turn when Burr joked about the natural death of both potential candidates before the next election, prompting Kimmel to humorously suggest Burr might receive a visit from the Secret Service.

Burr clarified he hoped for a peaceful end. On the topic of Trump's supporters, Burr recounted an incident involving his wife at a UFC event, highlighting the irony in Trump supporters' reactions to criticism of the former president.

He pointed out the double standard in their approach to political discourse, emphasizing the need for mutual respect and the right to express differing opinions. Bill Burr's appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" was more than just a comedy segment; it was a candid reflection on the current state of American politics, media's role in it, and the challenges of navigating political sensibilities in today's divided landscape.

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