Hamas Honors 'Martyrs' and Pledges to Fight On


Hamas Honors 'Martyrs' and Pledges to Fight On
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Hamas, the governing authority of the Gaza Strip, articulated its stance on the prolonged conflict with Israel, underscoring the resilience and sacrifices of the Palestinian people.

A Call to Resilience and Resistance

Hamas's statement began with a somber note, mourning the losses suffered by the Palestinian people: "We have mercy on the souls of the martyrs of our righteous people in proud Gaza, and in the West Bank, occupied Jerusalem, and the refugee camps and diaspora." It went on to express hope for the recovery of the wounded and sick and extended a salute to the steadfastness of those in Gaza, "from north to south, and in its cities and camps steadfast in the face of...

The Zionist war machine." The statement highlighted the story of Leah Al-Houbi, a young girl emblematic of the Palestinian struggle, displaced from her home and affected by the conflict. "This wounded child was forcibly displaced from her home in Deir Al-Balah, and she was bombed by the Nazi occupation, and her words remain: (We must liberate our beloved Jerusalem and return to our homeland)," the statement read.

Continued Struggle and Critique of International Response

In a tone of resilience, the statement continued: "In the beginning, we reassure the masses of our Palestinian people, our Arab and Islamic nation, and all the free people in the world, that your victorious resistance is still leading and managing the chapters of the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood on the sixty-second day, with all strength, wisdom, and ability, in which it is writing a heroic epic, as it defends its people, its land, and its sanctity." Hamas criticized the global community for its perceived inaction, accusing Netanyahu's government of failing in its military and political objectives.

"The criminal Netanyahu and his Nazi government did not succeed in achieving any of their political, military, and field goals, and they will not succeed, God willing," the statement asserted. The organization emphasized its commitment to the Palestinian cause: "Our people, despite the pain, injustice, and killing, are still steadfast, patient and patient, and our resistance is still firmly established in the field, fighting this Nazi enemy on all fronts of the fighting."