Osama Hamdan Speaks: Hamas Vows Continued Resistance in Gaza


Osama Hamdan Speaks: Hamas Vows Continued Resistance in Gaza
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Osama Hamdan, a leader of Hamas, recently issued a potent statement reflecting the organization's determination to continue its conflict with Israeli forces, highlighting the resilience and steadfastness of the Palestinian resistance.

Persistent Resistance and Acknowledgment of Losses

Hamdan's statement was resolute, emphasizing the ongoing struggle: "The resistance is waging fierce battles with the occupation forces penetrating into Gaza on various fronts." He asserted the capability and preparedness of the resistance, "The resistance is fine and is managing the Al-Aqsa flood battle with all strength and ability." He was critical of the Israeli narrative regarding the conflict, suggesting a discrepancy between official Israeli accounts and Hamas's observations: "The enemy’s confessions about its losses do not reflect the reality of the number we count every day in the field." The losses suffered by the Palestinian people were a central focus of Hamdan's message.

"The war left more than 60,000 of our people martyred, wounded, and missing," he declared, attributing the blame to the Israeli government under Netanyahu, whom he accused of failing to achieve their military goals.

Global Mobilization Call Against Israel

Further, Hamdan's statement included an appeal for worldwide protests against Israel, urging global solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

"In the face of the continued Nazi occupation in the genocidal war and horrifying massacres committed by the Zionist occupation... we appeal to the masses of our Arab and Islamic Ummah." The call to action was specific and global in scope: "We call upon its scholars, leaders, institutions, and vibrant forces to come out in powerful gatherings this Friday and in the coming days in all cities, capitals, and squares." The aim was to foster active participation in solidarity marches and protests, emphasizing the need for relief and humanitarian aid to Gaza and calling for an end to the aggression.

The statement concluded with a renewed call to the international community: "We also renew our call to the free and conscientious people worldwide to continue and escalate their global mass movement, rejecting the occupation's crimes and standing in solidarity with our people, their just cause, and their legitimate struggle."