Ex-Twitter Security Chief Sues Over Musk's Dangerous Cuts


Ex-Twitter Security Chief Sues Over Musk's Dangerous Cuts
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Alan Rosa, the former Global Head of Information Security and Technology at Twitter, now rebranded as X, has filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging he was fired for objecting to safety cuts demanded by owner Elon Musk and his associates.

Allegations of Compromised Security and Regulatory Non-Compliance

According to the complaint filed in federal court in New Jersey, Rosa's termination came after he raised concerns about significant cuts to physical and digital security proposed by Musk's leadership team.

These cuts, he argued, would not only place Twitter out of compliance with various regulatory requirements but also pose a "danger to public safety." The lawsuit details the events following Musk's acquisition of Twitter, which included laying off approximately 50% of the company's staff.

Musk brought in Steve Davis, head of Musk’s Boring Company, as a "high-level advisor" at Twitter. Davis reportedly began implementing cuts to products and services that were crucial for compliance with the Twitter FTC Consent Decree.

Among the targeted areas were Twitter’s vulnerability management software and ethical hacking program.

Rosa's Response and Subsequent Termination

Rosa objected to these directives, particularly the instruction to shut down software systems vital for sharing information with law enforcement entities, which he believed could violate the European Union’s Digital Services Act.

He also expressed concerns about an immediate 50% cut to Twitter's physical security budget, highlighting the risks to public safety and potential violation of a court order. Shortly after expressing his objections, Rosa alleges that his oversight of the physical security team was removed by Davis.

Five days later, he discovered he had been terminated when his access to company systems was abruptly restricted. Rosa claims he received "no reason" for his firing, framing it as an unlawful termination in violation of his contract.

Rosa initially sought to address the issue through private arbitration, as per an arbitration clause he had signed. However, the complaint asserts that X refused to engage in this process, leading Rosa to file the lawsuit.

This legal battle comes amidst a series of controversial changes and decisions at Twitter under Musk's leadership, raising questions about the company's direction and compliance with regulatory standards.