Kremlin Confirms Putin is Running for Presidential Race 2024


Kremlin Confirms Putin is Running for Presidential Race 2024
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Russian President Vladimir Putin declared his intention to run for re-election in the 2024 presidential race. This announcement came amidst a conversation with Artem Zhoga, the speaker of the parliament of the Donetsk People's Republic and father of a fallen hero of the special military operation.

Zhoga, a figure of notable prominence, directly asked Putin to consider another term. Putin, reflecting on the gravity of the decision, admitted to having given considerable thought to his political future. Addressing Zhoga, he acknowledged, "Well, as for now, you are right.

It is time to decide." This marks a pivotal moment in Russian politics, as Putin's current term is set to conclude on May 7, 2024, with the next election scheduled for March 17 of the same year.

Campaign Details Pending

The intricacies of Putin's campaign remain under wraps, as confirmed by Dmitry Peskov, the Russian Presidential Spokesman.

Peskov emphasized that while Putin's intention to run is clear, the finer details of his campaign strategy are yet to be finalized. "Putin has declared his intention to run [in the election]. Everything else is still nuances which have to be defined," Peskov stated, promising to keep the public informed as decisions are made.

The announcement came after an interaction between Putin and a group of participants at the ceremony. Peskov detailed the sequence of events, explaining that Putin was approached by Zhoga and other attendees following the awarding of Gold Star medals.

This group, recognizing Putin's influential role, proposed his candidacy in light of the Federation Council's announcement of the upcoming presidential election. "This group spoke [to the president]. The gist of the conversation was that they proposed Putin run as a candidate in light of the fact that the Federation Council had announced the presidential election in our country," the Kremlin spokesman continued.

"People have consolidated around their president, and they do not want to keep silent about their feelings, about their desire to support the president. They are talking about it, writing about it," he said.

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