Hanegbi Reveals Israel’s Military Operations in Gaza and Stance on Houthi Rebels


Hanegbi Reveals Israel’s Military Operations in Gaza and Stance on Houthi Rebels
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Israel's national security adviser Tzachi Hanegbi recently shed light on the country's ongoing military operations in Gaza and its stance on the Houthi threat in Yemen, providing a clearer picture of Israel's current security challenges and strategies.

Israel’s Operations in Gaza

Hanegbi highlighted that the United States has not imposed a deadline on Israel's military operations against Hamas in Gaza. He emphasized the shared goals between Israel and the US, stating, “They understand that they are not in a position to tell the IDF how long it needs in order to achieve the goals.

The good thing is that they share the same goals”. CNN reported that US officials expect Israel's operation in the southern Gaza Strip to transition by January to a more targeted strategy focusing on specific Hamas militants and leaders.

However, there are concerns from the US about how Israel’s operations will unfold in the coming weeks, particularly regarding the need to limit civilian casualties. Hanegbi remarked on the unexpected scope of Israel's response to the October 7 attacks and the significant impact on Hamas' infrastructure and personnel in Gaza.

Addressing the Houthi Threat

Regarding the Houthi rebels in Yemen, Hanegbi affirmed Israel's readiness to act against any efforts to disrupt shipping in the Red Sea. This comes in response to the Houthis targeting merchant ships with alleged Israeli links.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has communicated with US President Joe Biden and European leaders about this issue. Hanegbi stated, “Israel is giving the world some time to organize in order to prevent this.

But if there isn’t a global arrangement, because it is a global issue, we will act in order to remove this naval siege”. This statement underscores Israel's proactive approach to security threats and its willingness to take unilateral action if necessary.

These developments highlight Israel's ongoing security challenges and the complex nature of its military operations. The situation in Gaza and the emerging threats from the Houthi rebels underscore the dynamic and multifaceted nature of security in the region.