Report from Gaza: Children's Lives at Risk as Hospitals Shut Down!


Report from Gaza: Children's Lives at Risk as Hospitals Shut Down!
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Marie-Aure Perreaut, the emergency coordinator of operations for Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF), painted a grim picture of the situation in the Gaza Strip. Speaking with CNN's Isa Soares, Perreaut, who is stationed at the Al-Aqsa hospital in Deir al-Balah, highlighted the severe conditions faced by the people in Gaza, particularly in hospitals.

"Living conditions…I mean it can barely be described as living conditions anymore," she said, emphasizing the plight of people who are repeatedly displaced and have nowhere to go.
Hospitals, traditionally places of refuge and healing, have become sites of immense suffering.

According to Perreaut, people seeking safety in these facilities are instead met with "horrendous conditions," lacking basic necessities like food, water, and access to healthcare. Overcrowding, cold temperatures, and the outbreak of diseases such as respiratory infections, diarrhea, and skin conditions like scabies further exacerbate the situation.

Children at Risk

The situation is particularly dire for children, with Perreaut noting that half of the patients MSF is treating are under the age of 5. These children, already vulnerable, are now facing the additional burden of multiple evacuations and a lack of healthcare access.

This situation has been compounded by recent developments, including the closure of several hospitals in northern Gaza.

“All those children are still living in those conditions, facing multiple evacuation orders in the south, and now, just do not have access to health care on top of it," Perreaut said.

These closures have been attributed to various factors, including fuel shortages and damage from airstrikes. The World Health Organization has reported these challenges, underscoring the critical state of healthcare infrastructure in the region.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military has stated that their operations around hospitals occur only when these facilities are being used by Hamas and other armed groups. The current situation in Gaza is a humanitarian crisis of significant proportions, with vulnerable populations, particularly children, facing extraordinary challenges.

The closure of hospitals and the lack of access to basic healthcare services have put countless lives at risk, highlighting the urgent need for a comprehensive and effective response from the international community.