Biden Staffers Demand Ceasefire in Gaza Conflict!


Biden Staffers Demand Ceasefire in Gaza Conflict!
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Biden administration staffers organized a vigil in front of the White House on Wednesday, urging President Joe Biden to support a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza conflict. This gathering, attended by more than three dozen individuals including political appointees, administration staffers, and civil service career staff, represented a significant internal appeal within the administration.

Participants, donning sunglasses and masks to maintain anonymity, gathered in a solemn demonstration of their stance on the issue. Josh Paul, a former State Department official who resigned in October due to disagreements with the administration’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war, led the opening remarks.

His presence and words underscored the depth of concern among some U.S. officials regarding the ongoing conflict.

Diverging Views and Global Implications

The event also featured a reading of a statement from a group of Palestinian administration officials who chose to remain unnamed.

The statement criticized the U.S. government's approach, suggesting that it exacerbates violence and jeopardizes global diplomatic efforts on various critical issues. This perspective highlights a rift within the administration, reflecting differing views on how the United States should navigate the complex geopolitical landscape of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“The US government’s decision to double down on fueling the violence has put our objectives … around the globe in jeopardy for us to achieve any movement on some of the most intractable issues we face today,” read the former administration official.

The United States' position, particularly its repeated blocking of ceasefire calls at the United Nations Security Council, stands in contrast to the majority of countries. These nations voted in the UN General Assembly to demand an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, signaling a global plea for peace that contrasts with the U.S.

stance. The vigil, organized by a group condemning the recent violence in Gaza as "unacceptable," follows a significant move last month when over 700 staffers and political appointees signed a letter calling on President Biden to support a ceasefire.

This letter and the vigil represent a growing call within the U.S. administration for a reassessment of its approach to the Israel-Hamas conflict, emphasizing the desire for a peaceful resolution.

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