Palestinian Detainees Allege Abuse by Israeli Forces


Palestinian Detainees Allege Abuse by Israeli Forces
© Getty Images News/Alexi J. Rosenfeld

Hundreds of Palestinian men and boys have been detained by Israeli forces, many of whom were reportedly subjected to inhumane treatment. Accounts of these detentions, including allegations of abuse, have surfaced following the release of some detainees.

Eyewitness Accounts from Detainees

Nimer Abu Ras, whose wrists bear the marks of his ordeal, is among those who have spoken out. He was one of ten individuals—six boys and four men—interviewed by CNN at Al Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in central Gaza.

These individuals were receiving treatment for injuries and dehydration after being held for five days. The detainees shared harrowing accounts of their experiences. They spoke of being handcuffed continuously, which resulted in swollen hands and bruised wrists, a condition evident in all of them.

Moreover, they were marked with numbers in red ink by the Israeli soldiers. Their accounts also include descriptions of being given minimal sustenance and subjected to alleged acts of humiliation and abuse. Fourteen-year-old Mahmoud Zendah recounted a particularly distressing experience.

“They would tie your hands behind your back and drag you like a dog – plastic handcuff scars on your arms. Depending on the mood of one of them, they would come kick you with their boots,” he said, pointing to a recent wound on his nose.

Dr. Khalil Al Daqran, a spokesperson for Al Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, confirmed the detainees' dire state upon arrival.
“There were signs of torture on their arms and signs of beating all over their bodies,” he observed, highlighting the physical and psychological toll of their detention.

Israeli Military Response

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF), when approached for comment, declined to address the specific allegations of abuse. They did not provide an explanation for the detention of the individuals interviewed, even though their names and the location of their detention were furnished.

The Israeli military stated that it detains and questions individuals suspected of "terrorist" activity as part of its operations in northern Gaza. Those found not involved in terrorist activities are purportedly released.

The IDF insists that detainees are treated in accordance with international law and with dignity.

The statement concluded, “Any incident in which the guidelines were not followed will be looked into”.