IDF Chief Takes Full Responsibility in Hostages' Deaths


IDF Chief Takes Full Responsibility in Hostages' Deaths
© Getty Images News/Alexi J. Rosenfeld

Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi has taken full responsibility for the deaths of three Israeli hostages, a result of a tragic misidentification by IDF soldiers last Friday.

Preliminary Findings and Accountability

The incident, which has sent ripples through the Israeli military establishment, led to an immediate preliminary investigation.

Chief Halevi, in a video statement, conveyed the gravity of the situation, describing it as “a difficult and painful event”.

He asserted, "The IDF, and I as its commander, are responsible for what happened, and we will do everything to prevent such incidents from recurring in future combat."
This incident has highlighted the immense challenges and split-second decision-making inherent in combat situations.

Chief Halevi reflected on the critical moments leading to the tragedy: “A split-second decision could be a life-or-death decision. I think the three hostages did everything possible so that we would understand – they moved around shirtless so that we wouldn't suspect them of carrying explosives and they held a white cloth — but the tension overcame all of the above”.

The IDF has not only completed its preliminary investigation but has also made efforts to communicate transparently with the families of the deceased hostages.
“We notified the families of the difficult findings and transparently published them to the public,” Halevi stated, acknowledging the potential for similar situations in the future and the IDF’s duty to prevent them.

Lack of Intelligence and the Path Forward

IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari, addressing a news conference, admitted that the military did not have prior intelligence about the three hostages. He reiterated that the forces assumed the hostages had either escaped or been abandoned by their captors amid the fighting in Shejaiya.

Hagari described the incident as “a mistake and a malfunction” and confirmed that the military has published details of its preliminary review. This review has been shared with both combat troops in Gaza and the families of the victims.

As the IDF continues to navigate complex and unprecedented situations in the ongoing conflict, Hagari emphasized, “We will continue to investigate this incident thoroughly”.